The DIOP Circle is a space where we share the stories from a diverse group of our community, customers and friends alike.

We hope that their stories can intrigue and inspire you to consider the varied nature of everyone's journey.

Blane Asrat

Carl Lane III

Kamari Stevens

Ryan Brown

Vincent Smith

Brian Lin

Erik Garlington

I needed a band that was all black

Kwame Edwards

Black in China

Yasmin Williams

impressions of my album jumped up 4,217,133%

Kaloma Smith

Kaloma took a 98% pay cut to lead a church

Duncan Armstrong

growing up, masculinity = violence

Linh Nguyen

gossip goes well with mangoes

Simba Mafundikwa

imagine how African cities would look without colonialism

Sarah Al-Khayyal

I didn't know how to be queer

Kyle Studstill

make mistakes worth talking about

Path P

the loss of my mother; healing through music

Von Hoene

my best friends beat me up

Kwadjo Boaitey

that red Georgia clay

Alec Brownridge

without community, there is no liberation

Travis Ammann

HIV+ and Paralyzed. It's still all good.

Cole Ford

I walked into a Quaker Meeting House

Patrick Yang

An "Obedient" Asian

Jehdeiah Maitland

outed on tuesday, out of the house on friday

Davonte Johnson

now we have clean drinking water at our school

Marcus Amaker

after the massacre, our alt weekly asked me to write a poem

Rodney Clouden

there are not too many black animators

Stephen Bozier

when discomfort meets urgency

James Wingo

I am not your typical grandpa

Sébastien Noël

Looking For Queer and Diverse Communities

Mike Farrell

I Knew Nothing About Autism

Shannon Jackson

my mom set a high bar to exceed

Kamau Grantham

Dance 👏🏿 Music 👏🏿 Therapy 👏🏿

Mike Ekwuaju

after I started rapping, I knew I was introverted

Rashad Ali Muhammad

A Black Gay Artist's Persepctive

Coy McKinney

how to dismantle oppressive inequitable systems

Ashley Richardson

Be A Walking Contradiction.

Aaron St. Louis

Seems Like A First Generation Dream.

Courtney Manley

you're competing with yourself

Alphonso Whitfield

Kill Your Darlings.