The Tiberi Bandana

Print: Tiberi
The tiberi
The harmata
The soma
The haruzo
The nafis
The mud black
The akira
The lamin
The wasis
The mud navy
The flower boy
The nuno
The zohura
The ato
The sokka
The obudu

Covered in prints and patterns directly inspired by the African diaspora, our bandanas are sure to turn more than just heads. Made of 100% cotton, these are a quick, stylish option to add some extra flair to any outfit this summer.


If you’re looking for a more traditional and subdued floral option, this pattern is soft on the eyes and skin. The lush, tropical color scheme gets more detailed the closer you are, the vines just as rich throughout the design as the petals that initially grab all the attention.


When adding this to your outfit, this one works really well as an accent piece, ideally worn around the neck. Avoid super cool tones like blues in favor of greens, and make sure you’re working with a lot of solids. This will help the pattern pop even more, adding some signature style to your overall look.


  • Dry clean friendly
  • Machine or hand wash cold with like colors
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not machine dry
  • To dry, lay flat or hang


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