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Lose the blue blazer and make an occasion even more special

  • Model: Model is 6'1", 170lbs, and wearing a medium 

  • Body: Our Signature Curved Hem, One Button Snap, Left Chest Pocket  

  • Material: Ankara - a tightly woven, lightweight 100% cotton

  • Care: Machine Wash Cold, Hang Dry

  • Pair With: Navy Chinos + Desert Boots 

  • Origin: Cut and Sewn in Maryland, Hustled in Detroit  

Questions + Answers

Products + Fit

What are the materials used in the shirt?

100% Cotton. The colors and patterns are the result of a multi-step resin-resist dyeing and block-printing technique, known as batik, after the cotton is bleached. The fabric is commonly referred to as wax print or Ankara.

Where are the shirts made?

We work with U.S manufacturers to cut and sew our shirts from the raw ankara fabric that we source internationally. The fit and cut of the shirt were designed by the founders, Evan and Mapate.

What size should I get?

These are pretty close to true to size, so if you usually wear a medium, get a medium, if you usually get a large, get a large.

Are your tops Unisex?

Our tops are for whomever wants to wear them. The fit tends to be boxier. 

What does DIOP mean?

DIOP is the last name of one of our founders Mapate. It's a common patronym from the Cayor region of Senegal, where his father is from. According to Wolof oral tradition, the name actually traces its origins back to present-day Sudan among the Nuer and Dinka people, where it is totemic, referring to the Grey Crowned Crane.

Is this a dashiki?

No, but it is sure inspired by one.

How big are the bandanas?

22in x 22in


Do you charge shipping? 

Domestic We charge a flat rate $3.99 shipping for all domestic orders. International We charge a variable amount that will be applied at checkout. It's usually between $10 and $15.

What do you ship your clothes in?

We ship our clothes in a reusable poly-mailer made of 100% recycled content. We are always looking to reduce our ecological footprint.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Any U.S order should pull up to you in about 2-4 days.International orders will take around 5-8 days.

Wash + Care


 Machine wash cold with like colors | Hang Dry | Iron if necessary | Dry Clean if necessary



Returns + Exchanges

Return + Exchange Policy

Photo Guidelines


When you share a photo of yourself in your Top or your Bandana, we will refund you your shipping. Please follow the link for guidelines.

About Diop

This Is Personal

I was born a first-generation American.

Growing up I would wear shirts like this, often, as you can see in this photo of me and much cuter cousins (I'm on the left). In the photo on the right, I'm wearing the green shirt my mom got made for me in my early twenties.

Wearing something that showed where I was from made me feel special. The problem is that for many people like me, that experience isn't available.

Whenever my mom traveled back to her native Nigeria, she would return with rolls of Ankara: A boldly colored and patterned fabric used throughout Nigeria.

We would then go find the perfect tailor in the city to make shirts that were not only of superior quality and comfort, but also connected me to my heritage.

What my mom did wasn't easy; it took a lot of time and money. And she had to do that because clothing brands weren't doing it for her.

Today DIOP uses the very same Ankara she did back then, so our apparel will always reflect my experience living in the space between that heritage and my life as a first-generation American.

But I hope that when you wear our shirts and bandanas, you simply feel connected to the truest sense of who you are — whoever that may be.

-Mapate Diop

Co-Founder of DIOP




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