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Is this African Clothing?

Let's first remember that Africa isn't a country. Africa is a continent of 54 countries, all with various ethnic groups, cultures, and customs.

DIOP is broadly inspired by West Africa & it's diaspora, and finds its core influence specifically from Nigeria.

However this is a product of many worlds. It's something brand new, that we don't specifically want to label as one thing or another.

I, Mapate Diop, am Black. I am also Nigerian. I am also Senegalese. I am also Yoruba. I am also Wolof. I am also an American. I'm also a New Yorker. I can be defined in many ways, and just like DIOP the brand, it doesn't make sense to label me as one.

My Co-Founder, Evan, is Taiwanese. He's also Jewish. He's also Russian. He's also White. He's also Chinese. He's also Asian. He is also an American. He can be defined in many ways, and just like DIOP the brand, it doesn't make sense to label him as one.

DIOP is African. It’s Western African, Nigerian, Senegalese, Yoruba, and Wolof. But it’s also American. It’s New York. It’s Taiwanese, Jewish, Russian, Chinese, and White. Like the people who wear our brand, people who have stood out all their lives, our clothing is complex, diverse, and unable to be defined in a single way.

DIOP is brand new, just like us and you.

Which leads us to Fitting Out.

We don't like the term standing out, because we've always stood out growing up, and still do. We don't need clothing to help us with that. DIOP isn't about standing out because we always have, we just want something that reflects that, it's an ownership of identity. So to us, you simply just want to Fit Out, and we hope our tops, bandanas, and any future lines can help you do that.