The Mud Navy Top


Description: This pattern is inspired by Bogolanfini or mud cloth, handmade Malian cotton fabric dyed using a process of fermented mud that dates back to 12th century. Traditionally rendered in white on black, our take uses blue as a background for more pop.

Pairing: Blue and white is a solid base combination. Feel free to bring in an orange or a purple if you're up to it.

Model: Mapate, our Co-Founder, is 6'0", has a chest size of 37", and is wearing a size Medium. Tops run true to size.

Body: Signature curved hem with two snaps on the collar.

Care: We recommend washing in cold water, machine or by hand, with like colors. Dry cleaner friendly.

Hang dry. To avoid shrinkage, do not machine dry.

Material: 100% Cotton

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